CAPR-PI is an extremely low cost ICSP application powered development programmer for Microchip Flash PIC microcontrollers.

CAPR-PI is an ideal entry-level programmer for small bussines, hobbyists and students. It is dedicated to users who do not want to waste their time building a self made programmer but who want to concentrate on useful development work. With CAPR-PI you are sure that the programmer is compliant to the latest Microchip's programming specifications for development programmers.

CAPR-PI is powered by a target application 5 V power supply and thus requires only to be conected to PC parallel port.

Another very useful feature of CAPR-PI is that PIC reset pin (MCLR) can be set to log.1 state by a PC software (program UP) and the PIC application can be controlled within this software (commands Run, Stop and Reset). This feature is used for example when CAPR-PI is operated together with PVK40 develoment board.

CAPR-PI supports ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming).

Support of many popular Flash PIC MCUs

Namely, these families are supported:

  • PIC16F7x
  • PIC16F7xx
  • PIC16F8x
  • PIC16F81x
  • PIC16F87x
  • PIC18Fxx2
  • PIC18Fxx8
  • PIC18Fxxxx

Note: PIC MCUs with internal RC oscillator (12F6xx, 16F62x) are not supported because their programming algorithm requires Vpp applied before Vdd while programming which is not possible with CAPR-PI which is powered by target application 5 V power supply.

Complete list of supported devices (by software UP, up to version 2.56) and comparison chart for all ASIX LPT-based programmers.


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 ICSP connector detailed view



  • Extremely low cost
  • Powered from target application 5 V supply
  • Supports the most popular Microchip devices
  • Microchip programming algorithm (development programmer) compliant
  • ICSP support


  • CAPR-PI programmmer
  • ICSP cable
  • Software (CD-ROM)
  • User's Manual


CAPR-PI User's Manual (PDF format, 83 kB)

Software UP

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