ProtoKit84 is a PIC16F84A® based prototyping board dedicated as an option to MU Beta in-circuit emulator. It allows for debugging of both the simple and complex applications with the PIC16F84A microcontroller.

The combination of ProtoKit84 board and MU Beta emulator is especially suitable for development and prototyping PIC16F84A based application, it allows for fast, comfortable and flexible work.

The user need not to develop the dedicated PCB for the application, all necessary electronics is simply soldered to the universal PCB layout of ProtoKit84. The user then debugs his/her application software using emulator, then - without need of additional hardware - programs the PIC MCU Flash memory directly in ProtoKit84 and finally verifies if the software works with the real device, too.

The equipment description:

ProtoKit84 is primarily intended as an add-on option to and MU Beta emulator. It is possible to use it also separately, but the user must use en external programmer in that case.

The following peripherals are on the board:

  • PIC16F84A in the socket
  • Programming circuits
  • Connector to MU Beta
  • 5 Volt stabilized power supply
  • Reset button
  • Mode switch (emulator/microcontroller)
  • LED indicator

The user can further realize the following circuits:

  • Crystal oscillator
  • RC oscillator
  • Any application on the universal PCB area

ProtoKit84 has two operating modes selectable by the mode switch. If the switch resides in the 'PIC16F84' position, the emulator is inactive and the peripherals are controlled by the on-board MCU. If the switch is in the 'MU ALPHA' position, the peripherals are under emulator control and the on-board PIC16F84A MCU is held in the reset state. This mode also allows for the on-board device programming.


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Supported devices

  • PIC16F84A


  • Prototyping board for the MU Beta emulator
  • On-board PIC16F84A programmer
  • Two operational modes available: emulator or real chip control


  • ProtoKit84 board
  • PC connection cable
  • User's Manual


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