EMUSB - USB Interface for MU Beta

EMUSB is a special USB interface for MU Beta PIC® emulator.

An advanced PIC emulator MU Beta communicates with a host computer via a parallel port (LPT). However, this simple but efficient and low-latency interface has been told to be obsolete and most computer and especially laptop/notebook manufacturers do not implement it in their products. A USB interface became a standard in today's computers for common peripherals and there are various USB-to-LPT converters available in computer shops. Unfortunately, these implement only protocols necessary for communication with old printers and do not support any other special protocols like the protocol used by MU Beta. This problem has been reported by more and more MU Beta users which purchased new computers.

EMUSB is a solution. This special interface simply replaces the old LPT to emulator cable. After installation of drivers and new IDEA software (version 1.50 or higher is required), the user can continue to work with MU Beta on his new computer and can enjoy significantly faster peformance and lower CPU usage.

EMUSB status is indicated by two LEDs: green (ONLINE) and yellow (ACTIVE).


 EMUSB + MU Beta


Further information, drivers and software are available on IDEA software and MU Beta emulator pages.

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