AVR4PVK - AVR module for PVK40

AVR4PVK is an optional accessory for the PVK40 development board. It allows to use an ATmega64 microcontroller from the AVR family by Atmel with PVK40.

PVK40 - feature-rich development board has been originally intended for use with 40-pin DIP Microchip PIC® microcontrollers. However, many users prefer AVR micros by Atmel and so we decided to make this development board accessible also for them by creating the AVR4PVK module.

The ATmega64-16 microcontroller pins are connected to AVR4PVK pins to mimic the 40-pin PIC MCU pinout as close as possible. There is also a separate crystal on the module to avoid too long signal traces. Another crystal (32 768 Hz) can be soldered by the user. There is an In-System programming connector on the module which can be used with any suitable AVR programmer/debugger, recommended programmer is PRESTO or FORTE.


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 PVK40 with AVR4PVK


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